Taxidermy Co. is the brainchild of Suffolk based taxidermist, illustrator and designer, Krysten Newby. The brand was born when her two passions of taxidermy and graphic design collided in her final major project at University Campus Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds.

Do you kill these animals?

Absolutely not! None of the taxidermy animals displayed are killed purposefully for taxidermy. They are killed humanely for reptile and zoo animal consumption. Others are sourced from local roadkill, the result of a natural death, or the result of ethical, legal pest control.

How did you get in to taxidermy?

With many trips to the Natural History Museum as a child, I’ve had a fascination with taxidermy and other oddities for a long time. As an illustrator also, the anatomy of animals has always been a big inspiration to my work, I felt that taxidermy was another area of art I could passionately delve into.

Were did you learn?

I took a course hosted by Amanda Sutton (a.k.a ‘Amanda’s Autopsies’) at Barts Pathology museum, London.

Doesn’t it smell?

I carefully remove the skin of the animal and dispose of the carcass. I then treat the skin and use tried & tested traditional preservation methods, which deter any bugs and eliminates smell. Finally, I mount the treated skins on to forms made of woodwool, or in some cases, ready made foam forms.

Is it legal?

I am very aware of rules and regulations issued by DEFRA and I fully comply with various wildlife laws. I hold the required licenses for the possession of some protected species, such as birds of prey. For domestic species such as rabbits, rats & mice etc., no license is required.

I just found a dead animal, do you want it?

Yes please!