Realistic Handmade Hanging Faux Taxidermy Nuthatch

Realistic Handmade Hanging Faux Taxidermy Nuthatch


Realistic Life-Size Faux Taxidermy Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

Real taxidermy ‘aint your thing? I got you covered.

This listing is for a handmade naturalistic sculpture of the handsome British bird – the Nuthatch (Sitta europaea).

He’s perched vertically on to a piece of drift wood, demonstrating the classic ‘Nuthatch Pose’they do!

It’s easy to hang him anywhere you wish.

Check out some more info and fascinating facts about this bird here.

This handmade wool sculpture of a Nuthatch would make the perfect, unique gift for somebody who is interested in birds, animals and wildlife.

Or perhaps they just like quirky, one of a kind gifts – you can be sure they don’t have one of these, as each bird is made from scratch by hand and completely unique!

Mark of Authenticity featuring my paw print logo included

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