‘Owl always love you’ – Taxidermy Barn Owls

‘Owl always love you’ – Taxidermy Barn Owls


‘Owl always love you’ Taxidermy Barn Owls

Modern Taxidermy Barn Owls (Tyto alba) – a truly one off piece.

This gorgeous pair will just melt your heart!

Perched on a solid oak branch mounted on to a hand crafted resin base with marble effect, gilded around the edges with metallic gold flakes.

The male Barn Owl sadly had some damage to the left side of his face due to being the result of a car strike, so I had to figure out a clever way of hiding it.

That’s when I had the idea that I’d obscure it with this cute composition with another Barn owl in an affectionate ‘kissing’ pose.

Each owl has an accompanying Article 10 certificate, issued by CITES. Certificate details are as follows:
Barn Owl 1: Log – 006 | A10 Certificate Number – 577297/02
Barn Owl 2: Log – B034 | A10 Certificate Number – 577297/06

Did you know?

Barn owls mate for life and become emotionally attached to their partner. Once paired, they engage in mutual preening and cheek rubbing as part of their courtship which helps strengthen their bond.

Read more about this species here.

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