• Apr292019
    Taxidermy Carrion Crow

    Taxidermy Crow (Corvus corone) – Latest specimen in the taxidermy workshop

    Taxidermy Carrion Crow Corvids are my most favourite species to work with, especially big old crows like this one! Unfortunately…

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  • Apr062019
    Resin and wood feather necklace taxidermy

    Coming soon! Wood, Resin Feather Pendants

    Wood, Resin & feather pendants Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the art of wood and resin. I always have odds…

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  • Apr052019
    Taxidermy Starlings Bird For Sale

    Taxidermy starlings, latest work!

    Taxidermy starlings I’ve recently completed this gorgeous pair of common starlings. Beautiful birds to work with! Although considered a bit…

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  • Mar152019
    Taxidermy Bird Robin Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Robin – Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Robin – WIP According to social media, this week is #TaxidermyWeek! Heres my latest work in progress, a gorgeous…

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  • Feb212019
    Taxidermy Drying Bird

    Taxidermy – Behind the scenes

    Taxidermy, what happens behind the scenes? A brief overview The latest commission I completed was that of a two dead…

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  • Feb122019
    Taxidermy Yellowhammer

    Taxidermy Yellowhammer Commission

    Taxidermy Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella): I had the pleasure of working on this beautiful British bunting. Unfortunately, the male Yellowhammer got lost in…

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  • Jan082019
    Bespoke Taxidermy Rabbit on Shield

    Bespoke Taxidermy Rabbit Project

    Custom Taxidermy Rabbit Commission on Hand Painted Shield This project was a first for me, I really enjoyed it. This…

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  • Jan072019
    Taxidermy White Pheasant Stuffed

    Happy New Year! First taxidermy project of 2019 – White Pheasant

    Taxidermy Male White Pheasant This is my first completed taxidermy project of 2019 – a stunning white (or leucsistic), male…

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  • Dec102018
    Christmas Taxidermy

    Guaranteed for Christmas Cut Off Dates!

    Order now to avoid disappointment! The last day for guaranteed delivery to the UK in time for Christmas is: 18th…

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  • Nov062018
    Taxidermy Magpies

    ‘Two For Joy’ Taxidermy Magpies

    Two For Joy Here’s my latest commissioned project, a pair of lovely magpies! A lot of people are superstitious about…

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  • Oct042018
    Taxidermy Mute Swan

    Taxidermy Swan in Progress

    Taxidermy Mute Swan I actually skinned this swan a long while back after she unfortunately fell victim to a fox…

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  • Aug262018
    Vermont Holiday

    Holiday Leave – DELAYED ORDER NOTICE

    I’ll be away from 26 August – 10 September 2018. All orders placed in this time will be resumed on…

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  • Aug252018
    Taxidermy Red Squirrel

    Taxidermy Red Squirrel

    Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) Taxidermy Commission I’ve never worked with a Red Squirrel before, only our invasive Grey’s, so this…

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  • Aug212018
    Small Bird Taxidermy

    Taxidermy Goldcrest – The smallest bird!

    The Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) One of the taxidermist’s greatest challenges. Here are the results of the gorgeous little Goldcrest I…

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  • Jun182018
    Taxidermy Goldcrest Small Bird

    The Biggest Smallest Challenge! – Taxidermy Goldcrest

    The Goldcrest (Regulus regulus), along with the Firecrest (Regulus ignicapillus) is the UK’s smallest bird, weighing just 5.5 grams –…

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  • Jun112018
    Melanistic Black Pheasant Taxidermy

    Work update!

    Work & life update! I’ve recently been going through a bit of a tough time, so have unfortunately had to…

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  • Apr302018
    White Hen Pheasant Taxidermy

    White Pheasant Commission

    Leucisitic Hen Pheasant Commission Here’s another project I am working on at the moment, a leucistic hen pheasant. White birds…

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  • Apr192018
    Image of taxidermy green woodpecker on wooda

    Taxidermy Green Woodpecker (Juvenile)

    Taxidermy Green Woodpecker Commission Here’s the latest commission all finished up – a lovely little Juvenile Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) who…

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  • Apr102018
    Photo of a needle felted wader chick

    Wader Chicks! Latest needle felted ‘Faux Taxidermy’

    Needle Felted Faux Taxidermy Chick I’ve recently continued my needle felting adventure in making some super adorable wader chicks! Check…

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  • Mar262018
    Taxidermy Muntjac

    Taxidermy Muntjac Shoulder Mount Commission

    Taxidermy Muntjac Shoulder Mount This was my first ever shoulder mount commission! A lovely Muntjac Buck. He was a challenge…

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