I’m so sorry, I know that everyone is utterly fed up of hearing about it now, but this is a necessary post for moving forward during these uncertain times.

I’m still going to keep on creating and making taxidermy from home, as always as long as I am healthy. But I know that taxidermy isn’t going to be a top priority for everyone over the next coming weeks/months.

Taking this in to consideration, I’m not expecting everyone to pay for existing works carried out right now and I’m happy to hold on to commissioned work for as long as needed, until the climate is more stable.

For clients that are still able to pay for works, obviously this is hugely welcomed! I am keeping a close eye on the postal service’s advise given the current situation. As I am considered vulnerable due to having an autoimmune condition, I will be self isolating so I won’t be visiting the post office any time soon.

Instead I’m going to look in to parcel pick up/drop off services whereby I don’t need to come in to contact with anyone. Please allow me some extra time whilst I figure this out.

For customers collecting works, I will arrange for parcels to be collected from my workshop without me being present, as long as payment is received prior to doing so. Obviously this will be difficult as I love to talk to people in person about their commissions, don’t think I am being rude! I am taking the current situation very seriously and I am thinking of your safety, and people who are more vulnerable.

For people still wanting to buy taxidermy from my online store, I will still be trading but please keep an open mind that shipping will be delayed during these uncertain times.

Best wishes to everyone – please be sensible, take care of each other, practice social distancing to protect your family, yourself and our NHS.

It’s not going to be pleasant cooped up, but our short term inconvenience will protect and save many lives over the long term.

This won’t last forever and we will get through this.

Stay strong.