All of your taxidermy related questions, answered!

“I just shot An ‘X’, how much to get it stuffed?”

As an ethical taxidermist with a love for conservation and nature, I do not take on any commissions of specimens that have been shot for so called ‘sport’ or pleasure, especially on our declining native species. Humans do enough damage to the world as it is, we don’t need to deplete the little biodiversity we have left, even further.

Do you do pets?

Due to the huge responsibility that comes with working with pets and for in depth reasons mentioned here, this is a service I do not offer. However, as a fine artist, I am able to paint a realistic portrait of your beloved pet as an alternative (subject to availability). This way, I can capture your pets character and ‘spark’, which is something that’s not possible with taxidermy.

do you teach taxidermy?

Due to lack of time and resources, I do not currently offer classes or tuition on taxidermy.

do you kill these animals?!

Absolutely not! None of the taxidermy animals displayed are killed purposefully for taxidermy – I do not tolerate people killing animals for profit, sport or pleasure. The majority of animals I work with are donated to me from kind people who have found things whilst out and about, or have had a poor bird fly in to their window.

Others are sourced from local roadkill, the result of a natural death from breeders, or the result of ethical, legal pest control.

I want to be the one to change people’s perception of taxidermists – I’m actively trying to support wildlife conservation charities by donating 10% of the sales made from my art and taxidermy to them. Suffolk Wildlife Trust being one of them that is close to my heart.

How are taxidermy items Shipped?

For all shipping, packing and delivery time enquiries, please check out the shipping page.

How did you get in to this?

With many trips to the Natural History Museum as a child, I’ve had a fascination with taxidermy and other oddities for a long time. As an illustrator and fine artist as well, the anatomy of animals has always been a big inspiration and a great reference point to my work. I felt that taxidermy was another area of art I could passionately delve into.

How much is my taxidermy worth?

Just like any piece of artwork, pricing depends on many factors. Although I can give a ballpark figure on what I personally would pay for a piece, putting a price on existing taxidermy is out of my area of expertise. *Please note I don’t buy and trade taxidermy and all pieces sold are my own

It says ‘out of stock’, is it still available?

To indicate wether or not a product is out of stock, please check for a notice under the description of the item. If it’s available and in stock, you will be able to add it to the cart.

what are they stuffed with?

Taxidermy isn’t ‘stuffed’ with anything. Treated skins are mounted on to hand-made mannequins carved and sculpted from balsa wood, wood-wool or foam. They’re made with absolute accuracy down to the millimetre to mimic the carcass that’s left behind.

is it legal?

I am very aware of ever changing rules and regulations issued by DEFRA and I fully comply with various wildlife laws. I hold the required licenses for the possession of some protected species, such as CITES listed species. I am also a proud member of the UK Guild Of Taxidermists, which always keeps me up to date with various law changes.

I just found a dead animal…

If you have found a deceased animal and would like it mounted, it will need to be temporarily preserved until I can obtain the specimen. To do this, please make the specimen is well wrapped up in clingfilm (if possible) or a bag to be put in the freezer as soon as possible to keep it fresh.

Please note: I will only consider specimens if they are fresh, in good condition and were legally acquired.

please can you check my mount before I fly it to the u.s.a?

Unfortunately Taxidermists in the U.K don’t have the authority to do such checks and are unable to issue you with any ‘official’ documents or ‘certificates of health’.

Please see this guide that explains in detail the processes you need to take to safely get your taxidermy to where you need it to be.

do you ship worldwide?

Due to various animal product import laws around the world, it is sometimes a very complex process to gain the relevant import/export permits to legally ship taxidermy around the world, especially now ‘Brexit’ has happened. Please get in touch if your country is not on the shipping list.

where did you learn?

I am mostly self-taught, but I took a basic day course hosted by Amanda Sutton (a.k.a ‘Amanda’s Autopsies’) at Bart’s Pathology museum, London.

Will you preserve this fish I caught?

As a bird and small mammal specialist, I know my limits and don’t take on projects of this nature.

Still got a question?

If you have an unanswered query, please get in touch!

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