Taxidermy Co. UK Pricelist

Taxidermy Guide Prices For Customers Providing Own Specimen 2019



Finch sized birds £85
Blackbird sized £110
Partridges £120
Parakeets, Budgies etc. from £120
Woodpecker £140
Kingfisher £150
Corvids from £160
Pheasants from £180
Ducks from £200
Kestrel & Other Bird Of Prey from £200
Owls from £200
Large Waterfowl from £380
Full Mammals


Mice, Vole, Shrew from £50
Rats, Moles, Weasels £110
Stoats, Squirrels £130
Badger & Fox from £400
Fox Cub , Hare £300
Rabbit, Hedgehog £250
Muntjac £550
Other - please enquire
Head/Shoulder Mount


Goose £100
Hare £150
Fox & Badger from £185
Fox, Badger (open mouth) £250
Muntjac & Chinese Water Deer £340
Roe Buck £400
Fallow Buck - £550
Other - Please enquire

Birds with wings displayed in a flying pose, please allow roughly 20% extra.


Prices include specimen mounted on to a simple wooden base/plaque – for custom made habitat bases and glass cases/domes, please allow extra.

If you are looking for a specimen from stock or the animal is not mentioned, I might be able to help. Specimens from stock will cost more.

Ask about stock

Legal Notice

All animals must have been acquired legally and you must comply with all wildlife laws if taking a specimen from the wild.

As an ethical taxidermist, I will not work with any specimen that has been killed for sport or pleasure.

Specimen Storage Info

The specimen should be wrapped well in clingfilm to limit the air space around it to avoid dehydration, then bagged before putting in to the freezer. Specimens will keep fine in the freezer for a very long time – just make sure to keep it well wrapped and please record how, exactly where and when it died.

Sending Specimens

Royal Mail First Class/Guaranteed Next Day Delivery service (or other reliable next day delivery couriers) is the best way to transport your well packaged, frozen specimen to me if you are unable to deliver it yourself. Please get in touch to arrange a delivery.



Please make sure to pack your specimen in a box with extra bags for extra protection in case any leakage occurs, otherwise it may be inspected and destroyed en route. Tinfoil is especially helpful for retaining the cool. Newspaper/bubblewrap is also useful to stop the specimen getting crushed.