Follow these simple care precautions and you’ll be sure to have a taxidermy mount that will last a lifetime and beyond!


Here are the 3 golden taxidermy care rules:


Display your taxidermy in a cool, dry place away from sunlight (so keep away from windows if possible to avoid UV damage/bleaching!)

Getting a glass dome is probably the single best thing you can do to protect your taxidermy from dust, wear & tear, mischievous pets and other environmental factors.


Keep your taxidermy clean by de-dusting gently every month by using a hair dryer at arms-length.

Make sure the hair dryer is on the lowest and COOLEST setting and use in the same direction the fur/feathers lay to avoid damage.


One advantage of having an uncased specimen, is getting up close and personal with it!

As tempting as it is, please avoid frequently handling/touching taxidermy specimens. Oil from our hands can damage specimens over time.


For a deeper clean on feathered or furred mounts, apply some warm water to a clean cotton wool ball, squeeze it out as much as possible then gently wipe the feathers or fur in the direction that they are facing, staying away from any painted or varnished areas. Allow it to dry naturally, do not apply heat.


Bring back the sparkle

If the eyes appear a little ‘dull’ looking, you can very carefully use a cotton bud dipped it in luke warm water so it’s damp and use to clean the eyes in a gentle, circular motion to bring back the sparkle. Do not use cleaning product as this could lead to damage.


In all of the years that I have been collecting and making taxidermy, I have never had an issue with any sort of insect infestation in any of my mounts as they are kept in a clean environment, so take the following information as a precaution only:

Even though a preserved taxidermy specimen has all of the muscle, membrane and tissue removed from it, been treated, tanned, dried, glued, and mounted to the highest standard to deter bugs, it still could be inviting to some unwanted visitors.

Clothes moths, dermestid beetles, and cockroaches are culprits of infesting mounted trophies for various reasons, and can ruin even the best taxidermy mount.

Keeping your house in good order is the best way to prevent unwanted guests touching your taxidermy, so clean, happy house – clean, happy, pest-free taxidermy! A vacuum cleaner is by far the best pest management tool – Be sure to dispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag after you complete your house cleaning routine.

If you are concerned about insects damaging your taxidermy, it’s a good idea to occasionally inspect your mounts (especially around the ears, antlers and around the mouth) for any signs of pests.

If you find any sort of insect, bug or cobweb like material amongst the fur or feathers, please get in touch as soon as possible so I can give you some advice on what to do next.

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