• Jun272019
    Example of feather slip on a bird for taxidermy

    SALVAGED – A Buzzard destined for the bin…

    A few months ago, I was so excited to work on a dark morph Common Buzzard I have had in…

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  • May262019
    Taxidermy Serama Chicken Commission

    Serama Chicken Taxidermy Commission

    The smallest chicken in the world I was recently given the challenge of recreating a beloved pet Serama chicken, ‘Artemis’…

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  • Apr292019
    Taxidermy Carrion Crow

    Taxidermy Crow (Corvus corone) – Latest specimen in the taxidermy workshop

    Taxidermy Carrion Crow Corvids are my most favourite species to work with, especially big old crows like this one! Unfortunately…

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  • Apr062019
    Resin and wood feather necklace taxidermy

    Coming soon! Wood, Resin Feather Pendants

    Wood, Resin & feather pendants Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the art of wood and resin. I always have odds…

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  • Apr052019
    Taxidermy Starlings Bird For Sale

    Taxidermy starlings, latest work!

    Taxidermy starlings I’ve recently completed this gorgeous pair of common starlings. Beautiful birds to work with! Although considered a bit…

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  • Mar152019
    Taxidermy Bird Robin Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Robin – Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Robin – WIP According to social media, this week is #TaxidermyWeek! Heres my latest work in progress, a gorgeous…

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  • Feb212019
    Taxidermy Drying Bird

    Taxidermy – Behind the scenes

    Taxidermy, what happens behind the scenes? A brief overview The latest commission I completed was that of a two dead…

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  • Feb122019
    Taxidermy Yellowhammer

    Taxidermy Yellowhammer Commission

    Taxidermy Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella): I had the pleasure of working on this beautiful British bunting. Unfortunately, the male Yellowhammer got lost in…

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  • Jan082019
    Bespoke Taxidermy Rabbit on Shield

    Bespoke Taxidermy Rabbit Project

    Custom Taxidermy Rabbit Commission on Hand Painted Shield This project was a first for me, I really enjoyed it. This…

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  • Jan072019
    Taxidermy White Pheasant Stuffed

    Happy New Year! First taxidermy project of 2019 – White Pheasant

    Taxidermy Male White Pheasant This is my first completed taxidermy project of 2019 – a stunning white (or leucsistic), male…

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  • Dec102018
    Christmas Taxidermy

    Guaranteed for Christmas Cut Off Dates!

    Order now to avoid disappointment! The last day for guaranteed delivery to the UK in time for Christmas is: 18th…

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  • Nov062018
    Taxidermy Magpies

    ‘Two For Joy’ Taxidermy Magpies

    Two For Joy Here’s my latest commissioned project, a pair of lovely magpies! A lot of people are superstitious about…

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  • Oct042018
    Taxidermy Mute Swan

    Taxidermy Swan in Progress

    Taxidermy Mute Swan I actually skinned this swan a long while back after she unfortunately fell victim to a fox…

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  • Aug262018
    Vermont Holiday

    Holiday Leave – DELAYED ORDER NOTICE

    I’ll be away from 26 August – 10 September 2018. All orders placed in this time will be resumed on…

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  • Aug252018
    Taxidermy Red Squirrel

    Taxidermy Red Squirrel

    Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) Taxidermy Commission I’ve never worked with a Red Squirrel before, only our invasive Grey’s, so this…

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  • Aug212018
    Small Bird Taxidermy

    Taxidermy Goldcrest – The smallest bird!

    The Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) One of the taxidermist’s greatest challenges. Here are the results of the gorgeous little Goldcrest I…

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  • Jun182018
    Taxidermy Goldcrest Small Bird

    The Biggest Smallest Challenge! – Taxidermy Goldcrest

    The Goldcrest (Regulus regulus), along with the Firecrest (Regulus ignicapillus) is the UK’s smallest bird, weighing just 5.5 grams –…

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  • Jun112018
    Melanistic Black Pheasant Taxidermy

    Work update!

    Work & life update! I’ve recently been going through a bit of a tough time, so have unfortunately had to…

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  • Apr302018
    White Hen Pheasant Taxidermy

    White Pheasant Commission

    Leucisitic Hen Pheasant Commission Here’s another project I am working on at the moment, a leucistic hen pheasant. White birds…

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  • Apr192018
    Image of taxidermy green woodpecker on wooda

    Taxidermy Green Woodpecker (Juvenile)

    Taxidermy Green Woodpecker Commission Here’s the latest commission all finished up – a lovely little Juvenile Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) who…

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