I couldn’t resist giving an update on a super unique project I’m currently working on, with a super special bird!

This handsome chap is ‘Bowie’, the aptly named Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo). He was born with a defect in his left eye, resulting in this very unusual shaped pupil and blindness in this eye. He sadly met a tragic, untimely end and this is a story of this special bird’s preservation.

There is always added pressure working with a specimen of an extra special nature, which is why I don’t tend to take on pet commissions. However, the unique dynamic to this project, allowing me to demonstrate a range of my skills and learn new ones on the job, really appealed to me.

With his eye being such an integral part of Bowie’s character, I knew it had to be recreated as accurately as possible.

I ended up digitally painting his unique pupil and sending it to the absolutely brilliant taxidermy.by , who so kindly agreed to accept my custom request.

Custom Taxidermy Eye With Unusual Shape Pupil

I am so grateful that this fantastic taxidermy eye company were able to make this project a reality! So my huge thanks goes to them, I’m so thrilled with how they turned out and I know that my client is too.

This week, I proceeded in putting Bowie back together again, after prepping his skin & getting the hand carved mannequin organised some weeks in advance.

I find it a lot easier to work on projects in stages. Not only because of my health conditions, but also when it comes to mounting the skin, I have as much concentration and time dedicated as possible, to getting the important details right.

Here, you can see Bowie fixed up and ready to dry. Since this photo was taken, I have spent a considerable amount of time overlooking him, tweaking feathers here and there to make sure everything dries in the right place.

This process can take a few weeks, then I can do the finishing work to his eye rings and facial area, as well as mounting him on to a new base. So please stay tuned for the final result.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to my lovely client for entrusting me with your special boy!