A brand new taxidermy adventure, mixing the world of fantasy with reality!

Kry The Creator Wildlife Art


A new and exciting taxidermy art adventure!

Hello folks! At this time of writing, I am officially saying goodbye to the last of the summer as it’s the Autumn Equinox – A time of equilibrium, balance and harvest!

I love working with the seasons and I personally feel most creative this time of year from absorbing the summer sun’s energy, which I am ready to put it to good use! Getting cosy in my workshop with a cup of the in hand and getting utterly lost in my work is what I live for.

Just recently I have dedicated more time to my own personal work, which has felt scary at times as I’ve almost forgotten that I had an imagination! But I really feel that I am starting to get the ball rolling with my new venture.

If you are a follower of my traditional wildlife art, which I will leave a link to below, you may start to see a bit of a pattern coming to life here! I hope you will enjoy seeing this whimsical taxidermy journey take flight!