Hello, I hope December has gotten off to a good start for you and you’re looking forward to the festivities and cosy nights to come!

I would like to use this little blog space to tell you about some recent taxidermy projects I have completed, and a little bit of what’s been going on in my personal life, too!

I’m moving premises!

I have some pretty exciting news! I am soon to be transferring to a bigger work studio, that I am currently in the midst of decorating. It is a dream come true and I am so looking forward to having a space that serves not only my taxidermy craft, but my traditional artwork, too.

Loading: New studio!

The new workspace will also be located in Northamptonshire, so is pretty central location in England as compared with Suffolk, so although I am sad to be leaving, I am excited by the prospect that I may be closer to a new client base!

Needless to say that my time is rather divided at the moment, whilst I focus on this new endeavour.

For the time that I am back in my old studio, I am working very hard to complete all of my existing commissions before the move.

One of which commissions, is an absolutely magnificent Red Kite, which was a challenge to work with due to its condition. It was found deceased on the hottest day of the year, sadly as a result of a road traffic accident and was definitely ‘on the turn’.

Luckily, the client got it just in time and I am so happy it turned out well.

I have also finished this gorgeous little Jay, which is an absolute honour to work with, given they are my favourite bird!

I don’t very often get to work with them, given my ethical practice and the fact they don’t come up a whole lot, but this poor individual met it’s fate with a window pane and the finder thought it was too beautiful to put in the bin. I am so glad they decided on preservation as an alternative!

Christmas Stock

Because my work is so commission based right now and I am working very hard on getting the new studio sorted, I don’t have a huge range of stock readily available for Christmas. Sorry!

However, specimens that are available to immediately purchase are listed on my online shop, which I will leave a link to below.