FINALLY! The re-brand and relaunch is here! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve done it, it’s here and I am proud of it.

I single handedly created the logo, branding, photography, website and most importantly the products. All of the products featured on this site are hand-crafted and designed by myself with love, including the original art, textiles and jewellery too! 

If you are wondering who ‘me’ is, you can check out the link about me, the maker, and read my story¬†right here.

I have even more exciting projects in the pipeline, including some faux taxidermy pieces to raise awareness and funds for endangered species. I’ll be donating a percentage of sales from this range to various wildlife charities.

But for now, I really hope you enjoy the new site and what it has to offer!

You can check out all of the works in progress on the Taxidermy Co. Facebook and Instagram page – give us a follow if you want! @TaxidermyCo

Thanks for your support!

– Krysten