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  • Feb072018
    Taxidermy Peacock

    Taxidermy Peacock V.2

    Taxidermy Peacock – Second Edition! I have recently began work on another gorgeous taxidermy Peacock! It is unclear exactly what…

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  • Jan242018
    Taxidermy Eurasian Badger

    Taxidermy Badger Commission

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  • Dec122017
    Taxidermy Christmas

    Guaranteed Christmas Delivery Dates

    With the big day hurtling towards us, there’s some important information you need to know! For guaranteed delivery before Christmas,…

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  • Dec102017
    Taxidermy Owls

    Taxidermy Barn Owl in Flight

    Taxidermy Barn Owl Commission Sorry for lack of blog posts recently – following on from the last, my health has…

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  • Nov192017

    Chronic illness diaries

    As some of you may know if you’ve read my ‘about me’ page, I briefly mention my life altering chronic…

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  • Nov112017

    Taxidermy Wren on Toadstool – project complete!

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  • Oct202017
    Taxidermy Wren On Mushroom

    Taxidermy Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) work in progress.

    Taxidermy Wren Earlier this year, I dropped my darling cat (sarcasm) off to the cattery as I was going on…

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  • Oct102017
    Soft Mount Taxidermy UK

    Taxidermy Soft Mount Fox – 2nd Edition!

    I’m delighted to have received another taxidermy ‘Soft Mount’ commission! I have had a lot of enquiries about soft mounts…

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  • Sep242017

    Orders will resume 03/10/2017

    I’ve been working non stop for the past few months, so I’m currently away on a much needed little break!…

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  • Sep202017
    Modern Taxidermy Cockatiel

    Taxidermy Cockatiel – Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Cockatiel This week, I had a rummage through the freezer and found this little beauty! A female captive bred…

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  • Sep092017

    As seen in British VOGUE magazine

    Taxidermy Co in British Vogue This month, I have a little feature in British Vogue magazine this month (October edition), which…

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  • Sep032017
    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck

    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission – Complete!

    I have recently completed my first ever Mandarin Duck commission (first duck of any kind actually!). My client stumbled across…

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  • Aug102017
    Taxidermy Goldfinch Process

    Juvenile Goldfinch Taxidermy Commission

    Juvenile Goldfinch Taxidermy Project Here’s what I have been working on this week! A juvenile Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) that unfortunately…

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  • Aug052017
    Taxidermy Raven For Sale

    Taxidermy Raven Project (Corvus corax)

    Taxidermy Raven Project I have never worked with such an amazing beast! Corvids are by far my favourite family of…

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  • Jul152017
    Instagram Giveaway Competition

    Instagram Giveaway Competition – Win A Taxidermy Mouse Terrarium!

    Instagram Giveaway Competition – Win a taxidermy mouse terrarium! Want to win one of my taxidermy mouse terrariums? Head over…

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  • Jul112017
    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Mandarin Duck Taxidermy Commission I recently had the pleasure of working with a very special specimen – a stunning Mandarin…

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  • Jun292017
    Badger T-shirt

    Don’t Badger Me!

    ‘Don’t Badger Me’ Charity Tees I’ve just finished up another design for some upcoming T-shirts; one more design to go…

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  • Jun132017
    Taxidermy Stoat

    Taxidermy Stoat Commission

    Taxidermy Stoat Commission Here’s one of the latest projects I have completed, a gorgeous little female stoat. It unfortunately got…

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  • Jun062017
    Taxidermy Water Shrew

    Taxidermy Water Shrew ‘Shrewbert’

    Shrewbert the Eurasian Water Shrew The tiny little Eurasian Water Shrew (Neomys fodiens) commissioned by Iain Webb at The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire,…

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  • May292017
    Tawny Owl Wildlife Photography Print

    Wildlife Photography Prints

    I’m back from my short break away now and feeling refreshed, ready and full of inspiration after being amongst so much…

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