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  • Mar032018

    IMPORTANT INFO – I’m away!

    Short Break I’ll be on a little break from 04-12 March to recharge my batteries! I’m going to a national…

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  • Mar022018
    vegan taxidermist

    Can you be a Vegan taxidermist?

    The vegan taxidermist – is it possible? It may surprise you to  know that I support the vegan philosophy and…

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  • Feb232018
    Taxidermy Muntjac Shoulder Mount

    Taxidermy Muntjac Shoulder Mount

    Taxidermy Muntjac Buck Here’s something I am have been working on lately – my first Muntjac buck. I’ve really enjoyed…

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  • Feb072018
    Taxidermy Peacock

    Taxidermy Peacock V.2

    Taxidermy Peacock – Second Edition! I have recently began work on another gorgeous taxidermy Peacock! It is unclear exactly what…

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  • Jan242018
    Taxidermy Eurasian Badger

    Taxidermy Badger Commission

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  • Dec122017
    Taxidermy Christmas

    Guaranteed Christmas Delivery Dates

    With the big day hurtling towards us, there’s some important information you need to know! For guaranteed delivery before Christmas,…

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  • Dec102017
    Taxidermy Owls

    Taxidermy Barn Owl in Flight

    Taxidermy Barn Owl Commission Sorry for lack of blog posts recently – following on from the last, my health has…

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  • Nov192017

    Chronic illness diaries

    As some of you may know if you’ve read my ‘about me’ page, I briefly mention my life altering chronic…

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  • Nov112017

    Taxidermy Wren on Toadstool – project complete!

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  • Oct202017
    Taxidermy Wren On Mushroom

    Taxidermy Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) work in progress.

    Taxidermy Wren Earlier this year, I dropped my darling cat (sarcasm) off to the cattery as I was going on…

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  • Oct102017
    Soft Mount Taxidermy UK

    Taxidermy Soft Mount Fox – 2nd Edition!

    I’m delighted to have received another taxidermy ‘Soft Mount’ commission! I have had a lot of enquiries about soft mounts…

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  • Sep242017

    Orders will resume 03/10/2017

    I’ve been working non stop for the past few months, so I’m currently away on a much needed little break!…

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  • Sep202017
    Modern Taxidermy Cockatiel

    Taxidermy Cockatiel – Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Cockatiel This week, I had a rummage through the freezer and found this little beauty! A female captive bred…

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  • Sep092017

    As seen in British VOGUE magazine

    Taxidermy Co in British Vogue This month, I have a little feature in British Vogue magazine this month (October edition), which…

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  • Sep032017
    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck

    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission – Complete!

    I have recently completed my first ever Mandarin Duck commission (first duck of any kind actually!). My client stumbled across…

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  • Aug102017
    Taxidermy Goldfinch Process

    Juvenile Goldfinch Taxidermy Commission

    Juvenile Goldfinch Taxidermy Project Here’s what I have been working on this week! A juvenile Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) that unfortunately…

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  • Aug052017
    Taxidermy Raven For Sale

    Taxidermy Raven Project (Corvus corax)

    Taxidermy Raven Project I have never worked with such an amazing beast! Corvids are by far my favourite family of…

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  • Jul152017
    Instagram Giveaway Competition

    Instagram Giveaway Competition – Win A Taxidermy Mouse Terrarium!

    Instagram Giveaway Competition – Win a taxidermy mouse terrarium! Want to win one of my taxidermy mouse terrariums? Head over…

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  • Jul112017
    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Mandarin Duck Taxidermy Commission I recently had the pleasure of working with a very special specimen – a stunning Mandarin…

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  • Jun292017
    Badger T-shirt

    Don’t Badger Me!

    ‘Don’t Badger Me’ Charity Tees I’ve just finished up another design for some upcoming T-shirts; one more design to go…

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