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  • Jul112017
    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Taxidermy Mandarin Duck Commission

    Mandarin Duck Taxidermy Commission I recently had the pleasure of working with a very special specimen – a stunning Mandarin…

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  • Jun292017
    Badger T-shirt

    Don’t Badger Me!

    ‘Don’t Badger Me’ Charity Tees I’ve just finished up another design for some upcoming T-shirts; one more design to go…

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  • Jun132017
    Taxidermy Stoat

    Taxidermy Stoat Commission

    Taxidermy Stoat Commission Here’s one of the latest projects I have completed, a gorgeous little female stoat. It unfortunately got…

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  • Jun062017
    Taxidermy Water Shrew

    Taxidermy Water Shrew ‘Shrewbert’

    Shrewbert the Eurasian Water Shrew The tiny little Eurasian Water Shrew (Neomys fodiens) commissioned by Iain Webb at The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire,…

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  • May292017
    Tawny Owl Wildlife Photography Print

    Wildlife Photography Prints

    I’m back from my short break away now and feeling refreshed, ready and full of inspiration after being amongst so much…

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  • May212017

    IMPORTANT NOTICE – I’m away…

    I will be away on holiday from the 22-26th May, 2017. Orders will still be taken but will not be…

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  • May212017
    Taxidermy Barn Owl

    Taxidermy Barn Owl Installation

    Taxidermy Barn Owl Installation   I recently completed a lovely Barn Owl Commission, you can read up about this project…

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  • May202017
    Vulture Culture T-shirt Design

    ‘Vulture Culture’ inspired T-shirts

    ‘Vulture Culture’ T-shirts A few years ago, I had my own T-shirt brand called ‘Awfully Good Apparel’ where I applied my own illustrations…

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  • May112017

    Taxidermy Peacock – Work In Progress

    Taxidermy Peacock I feel so honoured and very fortunate to work with such a majestic, beautiful bird! He’s a black…

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  • May032017

    Taxidermy Barn Owl Commission

    I started putting back together this little beauty today. A beautiful female Barn Owl (Tyto alba). She was sadly recovered…

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  • Apr232017

    My taxidermy dreams came true!

    I’ve been on a peafowl breeders waiting list for a while now…on Friday I got the call that a beautiful…

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  • Apr162017

    Taxidermy Soft Mount Fox Commission

    I’m currently working on a soft mount taxidermy fox for a customer. A ‘Soft Mount’ is a process where the…

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  • Apr082017

    Sparrowhawk Taxidermy Commission

    Sparrowhawk Taxidermy Commission (Accipiter nisus) I’ve finally finished the beautiful male Sparrowhawk! Which is a taxidermy commission from someone who…

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  • Mar302017

    Male Sparrowhawk Taxidermy – Work In Progress & Behind The Scenes

    WARNING: This post contains graphic images of the taxidermy process. If you are sensitive to this kind of material, please…

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  • Mar102017

    Taxidermy Co. UK – RELAUNCH

    FINALLY! The re-brand and relaunch is here! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve done it, it’s…

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  • Dec022016

    Why can’t I buy stuff?!

    Don’t panic! I’ve decided to postpone the official launch of Taxidermy Co. UK until the new year. Life has thrown…

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  • Sep062016

    Sleeping Mice Commission

    Custom Taxidermy Commission Here’s a little something I worked on recently! I got a commission from someone wanting some custom…

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  • Sep032016

    ‘The Highbury Squirrel’

    I recently received an exciting commission by GBH London who were working on behalf of a client to make a…

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  • Jan312016

    Taxidermy Hedgehog

    Taxidermy Hedgehog (Pet)   Towards the end of last year, my best friend’s pet African Pygmy Hedgehog unfortunately passed away.…

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  • Sep102015

    ‘Twisted Tradition’ Exhibition

    Here is the recently released press image for this years ‘Twisted Tradition’ exhibition, courtesy of Mint, which is also part…

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