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  • Adult Red Fox Skull for Sale (Vulpes vulpes)

    Real Adult Red Fox Skull (Grade A) Vulpes vulpes


    Real Adult Red Fox Skull (Vulpes vulpes)

    A stunning example of a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) skull.This specimen is in Grade A condition, professionally prepared with no defects and a full set of teeth.Ethically sourced, as always.Free collection is available upon request.
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    Faux Taxidermy Wolf
    £395.00 £330.00

    Faux Taxidermy Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Needle Felted Life Size Wall Mount

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    Faux Taxidermy Wolf Head

    This listing is for a truly OOAK (One Of A Kind) 100% handmade 'faux taxidermy' life size Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus) by Krysten Newby. A needle felted technique was used over the course of 2 months to create this realistic piece of faux taxidermy artwork.Special barbed needles are used to repeatedly stab the wool in to place, which can be manipulated to create range of different shapes and textures.Mounted on to an oak plaque - Mark of authenticity is sewn in to left ear.

    15% of proceeds from this sale will be donated to The UK Wolf Conservation Trust!

    Wildlife conservation is very close to my heart, I am always doing what I can to help protect our planet and all things wild that live within it.This is why I donate a percentage of every sale to various wildlife charities such as the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, who greatly rely on any donations so they can continue to fund amazing projects around the world to help protect beautiful, important animals that are in jeopardy, mostly as a result of the most destructive species on the planet - us.
    £395.00 £330.00
    £395.00 £330.00