• Apr302017

    Taxidermy Red Fox Soft Mount Commission Complete!

    Taxidermy Red Fox Soft Mount I’ve recently completed this lovely chap! A commission from a friend that found this poor…

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  • Apr232017

    My taxidermy dreams came true!

    I’ve been on a peafowl breeders waiting list for a while now…on Friday I got the call that a beautiful…

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  • Apr162017

    Taxidermy Soft Mount Fox Commission

    I’m currently working on a soft mount taxidermy fox for a customer. A ‘Soft Mount’ is a process where the…

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  • Apr082017

    Sparrowhawk Taxidermy Commission

    Sparrowhawk Taxidermy Commission (Accipiter nisus) I’ve finally finished the beautiful male Sparrowhawk! Which is a taxidermy commission from someone who…

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  • Apr032017

    Taxidermy Water Shrew Project

    Taxidermy Water Shrew Project I recently got commissioned by a The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire to process…

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  • Mar302017

    Male Sparrowhawk Taxidermy – Work In Progress & Behind The Scenes

    WARNING: This post contains graphic images of the taxidermy process. If you are sensitive to this kind of material, please…

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  • Mar102017

    Taxidermy Co. UK – RELAUNCH

    FINALLY! The re-brand and relaunch is here! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve done it, it’s…

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  • Dec022016

    Why can’t I buy stuff?!

    Don’t panic! I’ve decided to postpone the official launch of Taxidermy Co. UK until the new year. Life has thrown…

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  • Sep062016

    Sleeping Mice Commission

    Custom Taxidermy Commission Here’s a little something I worked on recently! I got a commission from someone wanting some custom…

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  • Sep032016

    ‘The Highbury Squirrel’

    I recently received an exciting commission by GBH London who were working on behalf of a client to make a…

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  • Jan312016

    Taxidermy Hedgehog

    Taxidermy Hedgehog (Pet)   Towards the end of last year, my best friend’s pet African Pygmy Hedgehog unfortunately passed away.…

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  • Sep102015

    ‘Twisted Tradition’ Exhibition

    Here is the recently released press image for this years ‘Twisted Tradition’ exhibition, courtesy of Mint, which is also part…

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  • Jul192015

    Financial Times

    Walking around the show with Deyan Sudjic reminded me how hard it is to stand out now. It’s not enough…

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