A few months ago, I was so excited to work on a dark morph Common Buzzard I have had in the freezer for some time.

It looked in good condition, so I went ahead and skinned it, cleaned and washed it, as well as hand-carving a mannequin for the perfect fit.

All in all, this process takes the best part of 8 hours.

When I got to the final (and best) step of the washing process, drying the skin, to my horror I noticed the entire epidermis of the face was sliding off. (this is known in the taxidermy industry as feather/fur slip)

Crying was the next part of this process.

After sharing my experience with fellow vulture friends, someone suggested I make a falconry mount with a hood to disguise the head as the rest of the body was in relatively good condition. So that’s what I did!

I’m not overly happy with the end result, but it’s much better than it would have looked in the bin! If you’re interested in purchasing this unusual piece of taxidermy, please click the button below.