White Pheasant Commission

Leucisitic Hen Pheasant Commission

Here’s another project I am working on at the moment, a leucistic hen pheasant.

White birds are always a challenge – a) Because white feathers are very delicate, due to the lack of melanin and b) generally a little bit more work is involved with removing blood stains from them!

This pheasant was particularly problematic due to having smashed bones everywhere, including the skull! So a lot of repair work had to be done.

Having said that, I’m pleased with how she has turned out!


Taxidermy Green Woodpecker (Juvenile)

Taxidermy Green Woodpecker Commission

Here’s the latest commission all finished up – a lovely little Juvenile Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) who sadly came in to my hands after flying in to a window.

I can tell that this one is a male, because he has signs of a red area within his black ‘moustache’, whereas females’ are solid black.

This is the first woodpecker I have worked with. I’ve been wanting to work with one for ages because they have some pretty cool anatomical features!

Also, I think from now on, I’m going to tell you a little fact about each specimen I work with, so here I go (this one will blow your mind):

Woodpecker’s skulls have a groove in between the eyes on the right hand side to allow for storage of their super long tongue.

I wanted to get some good photos to show you guys, but unfortunately this one’s skull was fractured really badly in to lots of pieces, so it made it a bit difficult! (I have a few more woodpeckers to do in the near future though, so I will show you in detail then, it’s SUPER fascinating!)

Along with a fractured skull, this young woodpecker also had some blow fly eggs embedded in certain areas – a taxidermists’s worst nightmare! So unforuately he is a little scruffy in some areas, but Juveniles are generally a little scruffy anyways – I think it gives him character.

Wader Chicks! Latest needle felted ‘Faux Taxidermy’

Needle Felted Faux Taxidermy Chick

I’ve recently continued my needle felting adventure in making some super adorable wader chicks!

Check out the first one, a little ringed plover chick. He took little over 3 hours to complete, I’m so pleased with how he turned out, I can’t wait to make more!

I already have ideas in the pipeline on how I can introduce these ‘faux taxidermy’ pieces in to real taxidermy projects! A tawny owl with an owlet, perhaps?

I’m having a lot of fun finding out what baby birds have the most ‘cute’ factor – most seem to be waders so far (I LOVE their clumsy long legs)

If you have any ‘cute chick’ suggestions, please feel free to let me know! – [email protected] or tweet me at @taxidermyco 🙂

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