I am incredibly grateful to have my workshop here at home, so I’ve still been able to get some work done over this very strange time in all of our lives!

I have recently found the courage to work on a very special specimen that I’ve been putting off for years, due to the fact they are notoriously hard to work with for reasons unknown. They are a bird that are known to have issues when processing, such as ‘feather slip’ where the feathers fall out very easily due to bacteria getting in to the epidermis.

Kingfisher Feathers

I really, really didn’t want to mess this one up, so I took some very deep breaths and prepared myself, took my time and I am SO relieved to say that it came out ok! It is of course, the Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), the vibrant jewel found along our lakes waterways in the UK.

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Also completed this week, is this gorgeous Barn Owl that is going home this week. She’s going to be placed upon a beam in a modern barn conversion, so she will feel right at home!

Taxidermy Barn Owl LOG B035 CITES:577296/05

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